Ruata - Goccia d'Oro

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Meet the producer

Since 1929, the "Ruata" family has been producing quality olive oil thanks to their passion and experience handed down since generations.

"Goccia d'Oro", their flagship brand, means "golden drop", as every drop contained in the bottle is precious.

The 9,000 square metre plant is located in Baldissero d'Alba and has a production capacity of 12,000 bottles of oil per hour.

Despite the large production, the company has maintained the same quality standards for 3 generations, selecting only the best Italian olives and supplying wholesalers and processors as well as retail customers.

In addition to an endless range of oils such as "Monocultivar", "Prestige", unfiltered, seed and flavoured oils, there is also vinegar, pesto and appetizers in jars.


  • Oil
  • Vinegar

When give their best

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The perfect match

Quality olive oil in Italy is truly an irreplaceable must, giving that extra touch of flavour to simple ingredients such as tomatoes, fresh cheese, vegetables and legume soups.

Try a slice of sourdough bread with a few "drops of gold" on top. Easy, but never trivial!


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Ruata - Goccia d'Oro
Frazione Baroli, 107
12040 Baldissero D'Alba (CN)

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