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"Tenuta Ritiro", based in Cassano Spinola, in the province of Alessandria, is the largest organic beekeeping farm in Italy, with 5,000 hives distributed throughout the peninsula and in the south of France.

The company has been operating in the beekeeping sector for 16 years, producing around 2 tons of organic honey per year and fully managing the entire production cycle, from bee breeding to honey processing.

"Tenuta Ritiro" is the European leader in selecting and reproducing queen bees, with 60,000 units exported to 27 countries.

Under the brand name "Miele Giacomo Acerbi", they also market a range of certified organic honey characterised by production areas.


  • Honey

When give their best

  • Breakfast
  • Afternoon break
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The perfect match

Each honey has its own use: wildflower in a herbal tea, acacia on bread and blue cheese, lime with a piece of Parmesan, lavender mixed with white yoghurt and cereals and mediterranean wildflower on desserts such as "Panna cotta".


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Tenuta Ritiro
Strada del Ritiro, SNC
15063 Cassano Spinola (AL)

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