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• Teas and herbs

• Fruit juices and syrups

Meet the producer

NaturalBoom is a local producer dedicated to crafting a unique and mindful beverage.

Their drink is 100% natural, packed with nutritional value, and low in calories. Unlike sugary and nutritionally deficient drinks, NaturalBoom is a conscious choice that excludes artificial ingredients.

Their innovative recipe utilizes natural nootropics such as Ashwagandha, Sea Buckthorn, Mate, Papaya, Maca, and Ginseng, known for their cognitive benefits. This versatile drink can be enjoyed hot or cold.

NaturalBoom's commitment to quality is demonstrated through certifications and scientific studies conducted on its positive effects on mental focus. Choose NaturalBoom for a refreshing and nutritious experience.


  • Teas and herbs
  • Fruit juices and syrups

When give their best

  • Lunch
  • After lunch
  • Afternoon break

The perfect match

Green tea and ginger drink perfectly matches with a light and healthy lunch. Consider pairing it with a refreshing salad or grilled vegetables. The infusion of papaya and Sea Buckthorn in this tea will elegantly complement your dish, offering fresh and crisp flavors that dance on your palate. If you're craving an energizing seafood delight, this beverage pairs exquisitely with grilled salmon or succulent shrimp.

Elderflower and lemon drink pairs beautifully with a brunch menu featuring dishes like creamy avocado toast or succulent smoked salmon. The infusion of bright and citrusy notes will artfully enhance the flavors of your meal, creating a refreshing and vibrant start to your day.


  • Vegan


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