Nuove Distillerie Vincenzi

• Liquors and spirits

• Fruit juices and syrups

Meet the producer

4 generations of authentic "Made in Italy" liqueurs: "Distilleria Vincenzi" was founded in 1930 by Ferdinando Vincenzi in Torino and is known for having invented the famous "Bicerin".

This typical Turinese gianduja-flavoured liqueur got trademarked by the Vincenzi family in 1996.

The idea for the "Bicerin" was inspired by the "giandujotto" recipe, a typical chocolate product of Torino.

The "Bicerin" original formula is lactose-free and gluten-free. It contains no milk (replaced by a natural vegetable base) so it has no expiry date, unlike competing recipes.

In addition to "Bicerin", the distillery also produces Italian sambuca, limoncello, coffee liqueur, amaretto liqueur, grappa and syrups.


  • Liquors and spirits
  • Fruit juices and syrups

When give their best

  • After lunch
  • After dinner

The perfect match

Comparable to a delicious giandujotto dissolved in alcohol, "Bicerin" can be drunk pure, with an ice cube or warm with cream. Alternatively, you can pour a few drops it in your coffee!


  • IFS
  • ISO 22000
  • Kosher


Nuove Distillerie Vincenzi
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