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Meet the producer

"Birrificio San Michele" was founded in 2010 by Bruno Gentile, a computer scientist who converted to fermentation, first learnt in Belgium.

The production plant is located under the "Sacra di San Michele", an iconic Piedmontese abbey, and has 4,000 square meters of indoor and 4,000 square meters of outdoor space.

The large spaces for the storage of raw materials allow the brewery to make economies of scale and the double production plant allows production to run continuously.

Today, "Birrificio San Michele" can count on 16 strictly artisanal, unfiltered and unpasteurized beers of different styles.

A peculiarity: they are all named after operas like "Aida", "Carmen", "Butterfly", "Manon", "Valchiria" and "Turandot".


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The perfect match

"La Norma" is a chestnut beer (the first brewering style born in Italy, now internationally renowned) that characterizes the brewery.

It is a full-bodied and strong beer with a pleasant chestnut aftertaste, excellent with aged cheeses and desserts such as "Panettone".


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Birrificio San Michele
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