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Meet the producer


"La Perla di Torino" is a company born in 1992 from the idea of Sergio Arzilli, a pastry chef whose coeliac disease made him launch his own chocolate brand, turning a critical issue into an opportunity.

The company, now led by Sergio and his daughter Valentina, has become synonymous with excellence and quality products, gluten-free and without preserves.

"La Perla di Torino" is notably recognized for its chocolate truffles, the flagship product that pays homage to one of the most traditional sweets of Torino, the city where it was born.

Their range of truffles is varied: the recipe is interpreted in the classic version with hazelnut and cocoa, as well as revisited in more contemporary flavours such as salted peanut, tiramisu and honey and ginger.


  • Spreads
  • Chocolate

When give their best

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The perfect match

"La Perla di Torino" chocolate truffles are sweet little masterpieces to be tasted alone or with select spirits such as whisky, rum or Vermouth.

Moreover, as they come in different flavours, you can melt them in a hot beverage, like milk, coffee or chocolate.

Lstly, you can also chop them up to garnish a cake or mix them with simple ice cream. Pistacchio, Puro Nero or Stracciatella? Which one will you choose first?


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La Perla di Torino
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