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Founded in 1999 in Val Chiavenna, Soralamà is a local craft beer producer with a strong reputation for quality. The brewery's commitment to excellence is evident in its careful selection of ingredients, including the pristine water from Val Susa.

Led by Head Brewer Lorenzo Turco since 2004, Soralamà has received numerous awards for its creative and flavorful brews. It offers a range of beers, each designed to provide a unique sensory experience.

With its innovative brewing techniques and dedication to quality, Soralamà tantalizes customers with its unique and exceptional craft beers.

Beyond their exceptional beers, Soralamà is committed to supporting the arts. Their Ghost beer was created in collaboration with the Ghost Book, an art photography project. The limited edition beers feature artistically designed labels, showcasing the brewery's dedication to both taste and aesthetics.


  • Beer

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When give their best

"Slurp" pairs with light appetizers including crackers, nuts, and cheese.

"Wow" goes with roasted meats, sausages, hearty stews, and robust cheeses.

"Ex" is ideal for white meats such as chicken or turkey and complements creamy cheeses.

"Oh" suits for dishes like grilled meats, spicy Indian curries, Mexican salsas, aged cheeses like cheddar or blue cheese, and dishes with sweet or savory tones like honey-glazed pork or caramelized vegetables.

"Genny" matches seafood salads, crudités, and light appetizers like bruschetta. Due to its refreshing profile, it's excellent for aperitivo snacks, pairing well with olives, cured meats, cheeses, and salty treats like taralli or grissini.

"Welcome" is perfect for summer meals like vegetable salads, seafood dishes including ceviche and sushi, and grilled poultry.


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  • Gluten Free


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