Cascina Ceich

• Liquors and spirits

• Wine

• Processed fruits

Meet the producer

"Cascina Ceich" was established in 2010 in San Grato di Agliè, by the Ivrea morainic amphitheatre.

It is run by Laura Moreschini, a biologist and Lodovico Bardesono, a doctor.

The company was set up with the aim of bringing a novelty to the Canavese area: Cassis, a small, black berry with a sour taste, used in many sectors.

The seedlings don't need fertilisers or herbicides, but only rainwater, sun and manual work.

From this berry "Cascina Ceich" creates two liqueurs: "Crème de Cassis" and "Cassis Morenico".

As well as Cassis, "Cascina Ceich" also cultivates three and a half hectares of vines, mainly of the Erbaluce grape, from which they produce "Caluso Spumante DOCG".


  • Liquors and spirits
  • Wine
  • Processed fruits

When give their best

  • Aperitivo
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon break
  • Dinner

The perfect match

Cassis liqueur is mainly used in cocktails and aperitifs such as "Kir", "Gran Paradiso" and "Arduino", but it can also be served straight, added to ice-cream or to fruit salads.

Try to create a reinvented "Kir Royale" in the Canavese style by replacing Champagne with "Spumante Caluso DOCG".


  • DOCG


Cascina Ceich
Via Giacomo Bardesono
10011 Agliè (TO)

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