Davit 1900

• Spreads

• Chocolate

Meet the producer

An exquisite and delicious idea born at the dawn of the 1900s from the passion for chocolate, processed according to an artisan tradition full of love and dedication for all production steps: "Davit".

All the ingredients are carefully selected to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the final product.

"Davit" wide range of products is dedicated to the free expression of art in all its forms, from the selection of raw materials to packaging, guaranteeing quality and creativity.

"Davit" is best known for its "Giandujotto Classico", a faithful representation of the original historic recipe, with handmade cocoa and "Piemonte PGI Hazelnuts".

Then you can find classic and pistachio "cremini", dark chocolate or orange and salt bars, white chocolate, ginger and lemon chocolate, chocolate truffles and spreadable creams.


  • Spreads
  • Chocolate

When give their best

  • Breakfast
  • After lunch
  • Afternoon break
  • After dinner

The perfect match

"Giandujotti", a Torinese classic, should be enjoyed alone in a few bites or accompanied by a cup of espresso or a sip of rum or Vermouth.

Unique flavoured bars such as ginger and lemon can be served with a "Moscato Passito" wine or gin and tonic.


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