Turin Vermouth

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Meet the producer

"Turin Vermouth" was born in Torino (Vermouth's home since 1786), thanks to its founder Giovanni Negro, connected to the wine and spirits industry since a long time.

Giovanni wishes to pay homage to the ancient recipe of Vermouth, which in a short time has become an important component in cocktails, aperitifs and digestives all over the world.

"Turin Vermouth" follows the classic recipe and produces a fortified wine with the addition of alcohol, wormwood and other herbs and spices, through a careful process of maceration and infusion.

The product line of "Turin Vermouth" marketed under the "Drapò" brand includes traditional bitters and liqueurs such as fernet and bitter alongside the classic white, red, rosè and dry Vermouths.


  • Liquors and spirits

When give their best

  • Aperitivo
  • After dinner

The perfect match

Vermouth can be drunk pure or on the rocks, both as aperitif and digestive.

It is also excellent when mixed with bitter in the classic "Milano-Torino" cocktail, with bitter and gin in the "Negroni" or with bitter and soda in the "Americano".


  • Gluten Free


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Turin Vermouth
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