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Meet the producer

A sweet story started in the grandparents' country house in the province of Torino, when the family decided to turn their passion for baking into a job.

The house is called "Briccodolce", and, in 2004, it became "Briccodolce Biscotteria Artigianale".

Today, the third generation has joined the company, creating an all-female family business that has managed to keep excellence alive.

Traditional Piedmontese recipes are offered using only quality raw materials from a short supply chain and no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives are used.

The most famous products are "Paste di meliga", "Lingue di gatto", "Brutti e buoni", "Ciambelline" and "Cuoricini".


  • Pastry

When give their best

  • Breakfast
  • After lunch
  • Afternoon break
  • After dinner

The perfect match

The line of "good morning biscuits", as the name suggests, is excellent with coffee or cappuccino at breakfast.

Meanwhile, other biscuits such as "Lingue di gatto" (butter biscuits), "Brutti e buoni" (hazelnut biscuits) or "Ossi da mordere" (almond biscuits) are a perfect end to a meal or an accompaniment to a five o'clock tea.


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