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"La Rivà" was born in the early 2000s in an area with a very ancient wine-growing history, the village of Rivà situated on the green hill of Bricherasio.

The Trombotto family has been handing down the love for wine and vines for generations.

The owner, Luca, is strongly committed to safeguarding some of the historic vineyards of the Pinerolo area, e.g. the Santa Caterina's vineyard, which is made up of stone terraces and overlooks the village of Bricherasio from one of the surrouding hills' highest point.

Luca's commitment aims at keeping alive these lands that would otherwise be abandoned.

Here, ancient indigenous vines are cultivated, such as "Doux D'Henry", "Becuet", "Chatus", "Avanà" and "Blanchet".


  • Wine

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The perfect match

Everyone knows Piemonte region for its most famous grape varieties, but what is the appeal of the autochthonous grapes in danger of extinction?

"Doux d'Henry", for example, is a fresh and vinous red wine that is excellent with light appetizers, while "Ramìe", a blend of these forgotten grapes, is a perfect red wine to pair with grilled meats.


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La Rivà
Strada Rivà, 9
10060 Bricherasio (TO)

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