• Liquors and spirits

• Cold cuts

• Salt, herbs and spices

Meet the producer

"Bugin" brand was born from a brilliant idea of Mauro Schiavo, barman and butcher, who began experimenting with fine cuts of "Fassona" veal combined with gin and tonic.

After years of study and experimentation, he created "Bugin" gin in his butchery shop in San Mauro Torinese, the first gin born wih the intent of curing meats and cuts of meat.

It is no coincidence that the name "Bugin" comes from the word "bocin", which means "veal" in Piedmontese dialect.

"Bugin" gin is a distillate made of 9 botanicals: Juniper, Genepy, Arquebuse, Wormwood, Thyme, Yarrow, Angelica, Tansy and Zedoaria, all gathered from the Piedmontese hills and Alps.

Then, it is offered sole as an alcoholic drink to mix and create some of the most iconic cocktails or used by the butchery itself to cure its meats.

The company offer of gin-cured meats includes: cooked and raw salami, "Nocetta", "Lonzino", "Lardo", "Pancetta" and "Coppa".

"Bugin" produces also the first and only artisan rub that combine the worlds of mixology and barbecue: the "Gin Tonic", "Negroni" or "Martini Cocktail" cocktail rubs.


  • Liquors and spirits
  • Cold cuts
  • Salt, herbs and spices

When give their best

  • Aperitivo
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The perfect match

In the kitchen, "Bugin" gin can be used  for cooking or marinating meat such as roast or steak.

In mixology, it is very versatile and we recommend it for a classic gin and tonic, either plain or flavoured with thyme and rosemary.

The "Bugin" cocktail rubs can be used to season or massage meat, fish, fruit or vegetables before cooking them in the oven or in a pan.

Afterwards, you will smell the aromas and flavors of Gin Tonic, Negroni or Martini Cocktail and pair the dishes with the respective drink.


  • Gluten Free


  • Maestro del Gusto


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