Galfrè Antipasti d'Italia

• Processed vegetables

• Mushrooms and truffles

• Sauces

Meet the producer

The "Galfrè" company was founded in 1902 by Lorenzo and his wife Felicita, in a small village close to the Alps.

There, the culture of collecting, processing and preserving mushrooms using natural methods developed over time and is still used today.

With the utmost respect for tradition, "Galfrè" products are handmade with high-quality raw materials like Italian tomatoes, vinegar aged in oak barrels and rosemary from Liguria.

Its speciality is "porcini" mushrooms, which are checked one by one, carefully cleaned, blanched with a bit of vinegar and manually placed inside their jars.

In 2012, "Galfrè" was even awarded the title of "Impresa Storica d'Italia" (Historical Enterprise of Italy). 


  • Processed vegetables
  • Mushrooms and truffles
  • Sauces

When give their best

  • Aperitivo
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The perfect match

"Galfrè" mushrooms in oil are an excellent ingredient to enhance pizzas and focaccias, together with pumpkin and "robiola" cheese.

They also work very well on polenta crostini, quiches, savoury pies and various appetisers: the right jar for an impromptu aperitif. 


  • Gluten Free


Galfrè Antipasti d'Italia
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