Birrificio della Granda

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Meet the producer

"Birrificio della Granda " is a craft brewery born in Cuneo with a clear mission: to make craft beers available to everyone!

In 2009, Ivano (the founder) left his career as a computer consultant and biologist, to follow his most innate passion: beer.

Alone at the beginning, he designed the beer labels himself and followed the beer production cycle from start to finish.

Today, "Birrificio della Granda " is a structured brewery with a great resonance among enthusiasts and a team of 4 people joined the founder.

"Birrificio della Granda" has grown self-supporting: profits have been reinvested in new facilities.

"The Girls" beer line is the entry-level one, the starting point, while the "H4TG" (Hop 4 The Geeks) line is dedicated to those who are looking for more profound and complex experiences.


  • Beer

When give their best

  • Aperitivo
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The perfect match

Available in both bottles and cans, "Birrificio della Granda" beers interpret the most popular styles in a personal way.

Excellent to drink on their own, interesting when paired not only with hamburgers and sandwiches, but also with traditional Piedmontese dishes.


Birrificio della Granda
Via Manta, 15
12030 Lagnasco (CN)

17/11/2021 - 09:28

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