Il Dolce Canavese

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Meet the producer

"Il Dolce Canavese" is an artisan biscuit workshop in Chivasso, founded in the early 2000s by Bruna Milanesio.

Today, her son is in charge of marketing and her cousin, having graduated from Iginio Massari's "Accademia dei Maestri Pasticceri Italiani", takes care of the production.

"Il Dolce Canavese" is known in the area for its "Nocciolini", which are small biscuits made with sugar, hazelnuts and egg whites, a Piedmontese PAT since the second half of the XIX century.

Only selected raw materials are used, like fresh cream, butter, eggs, organic "Piemonte PGI Hazelnuts" and flour from ancient stone-ground Piedmontese producers, including "Pignoletto Rosso" and "Ottofile".

In addition to "Nocciolini", they also offer "Chivassina", a hazelnut cake without yeast, and "Paste di Meliga" with "Passito" wine.


  • Pastry

When give their best

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The perfect match

"Nocciolini", also called "Noasetti" in Piedmontese dialect, are best served with a cup of espresso or hot tea or dipped in a delicious hot chocolate.

They are also excellent on their own, munched on the couch while watching a movie!


  • PAT


  • Maestro del Gusto
  • Eccellenza Artigiana


Il Dolce Canavese
Via Borghetto, 19
10034 Chivasso (TO)

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