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The history of the "Gnavi Clarlo" winery is inextricably linked to Caluso and its morainic hills, where the undisputed home grape variety is "Erbaluce di Caluso".

It all began at the end of the XIX century with Cavalier Giovanni, who founded the winemaking company.

Within a short time, the name "Gnavi" became synonymous with excellent wines, especially the "Erbaluce di Caluso Passito".

"Erbaluce di Caluso" is an autochthonous vine of the area characterised by freshness, aromaticity and acidity, and "Gnavi Carlo" articulate it in different interpretations: "Cav. Giovanni" still and dry and "Turbante" sparkling ("Spumante Metodo Classico").

The best-known and most traditional version of "Erbaluce di Caluso" is undoubtedly the "Passito", made from selected grapes that are left to dry: "Gnavi Carlo" calls it "Revej".


  • Liquors and spirits
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  • After dinner

The perfect match

The "Erbaluce di Caluso Passito" is an excellent end-of-meal wine to pair with desserts such as "canestrelli" biscuits, fresh and dry pastries, bitter chocolate or "giandujotti", but also with mature and herby cheese and liver pâté.


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Gnavi Carlo
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