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"Cieck" is a family-run winery established in 1985 in San Giorgio Canavese, between Torino and Ivrea.

The founder, Remo Falconieri, was baptized "the Archimedes of bubbles" by Carlin Petrini, as it was the one who made the first "Erbaluce di Caluso Spumante Metodo Classico" in the 80s.

Today, the winery spreads over 13 hectares of vineyards, most of which planted with "Erbaluce di Caluso", a white grape native to the area.

To a lesser degree, it's also possible to find "Nebbiolo", "Barbera", "Neretto" and "Freisa".

The soil in which "Cieck" vines have their roots originated from the Balteo glacier and is rich in minerals, giving natural fragrance and sapidity to the wines produced in this area.


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The perfect match

"Cieck" winery is mainly known for its sparkling wines, excellent with many dishes: "Brut Millesimato" with tartare and fish carpaccio, "Pas Dosé" with grilled shrimps and appetizers and "Rosé" with risotto.


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Cascina Castagnola, 2
10090 San Giorgio Canavese (TO)

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