Boutic Caffè

• Coffee

Meet the producer

"Boutic Caffè" has been a master roaster since 1971 and focuses on specialty coffee and gourmet coffee blends.

Since the beginning, this roasting company, based in the Torino's "Borgo San Paolo" distric, had only one goal: to create artisanal coffee roasted to perfection every day.

"Boutic Caffè" roasting process takes place slowly and without the use of electronic equipment.

The different selections are made from the best coffee beans.

They are organic, sustainable and 100% Arabic, coming from Guatemala and Ethiopia.


  • Coffee

When give their best

  • Breakfast
  • After lunch
  • Afternoon break
  • After dinner

The perfect match

The specialty "Huehuetenango" blend from Guatemala gives life to a very sweet and intense coffee, incredibly rich in floral aromas and spicy notes.

The "Harenna" from Ethiopia, on the other hand, has a strong aromatic charge and a hint of walnut, round and velvety.

Which would you choose to start the day or to end your meal?


  • Biologic
  • Fairtrade


  • Maestro del Gusto
  • Slow Food


Boutic Caffè
Via Monginevro, 8/B
10138 Torino (TO)

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