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The story of the "Bosso" distillery began in 1888 in Basso Monferrato when Stefano Boario bequeathed the house and the distilling equipment to his daughter and her husband, Giovanni Bosso.

Bosso's happy idea was to create single-variety grappa, that is to distil a single grappa from every Piedmontese grape variety with a denomination of origin.

This distillery, after five generations, continues to produce its grappa starting from Piedmontese grape pomace with the discontinuous direct steam method, which lead to products of great aromaticity and quality.

For earlier grappas, refinement occurs in ageing rooms or directly in the bottle, whereas for aged grappas, maturation occurs in chestnut, oak or cherry wood barrels.


  • Liquors and spirits

When give their best

  • After lunch
  • After dinner

The perfect match

Grappa is a little pleasure at the end of a traditional Piedmontese meal.

It should be drunk after coffee or in its place: thanks to its long organoleptic persistence, grappa gives a final pleasure to the palate.


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