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The history of "Orsolani" winery began in 1894, when Giovanni Orsolani and his wife Domenica, feeling nostalgic for their homeland, returned from America.

Back in Italy, they opened their restaurant in the Canavese area: "Locanda Aurora".

Domenica dealt with the kitchen, while Giovanni worked in the vineyard and took care of the cellar.

Today, almost 120 years later, the fourth generation is at the helm of "Orsolani" with an annual production of about 150,000 bottles, of which more than 90% is represented by "Erbaluce", the family's true love.

The ethos that has always distinguished their production is to work the land as unobtrusively as possible to preserve the place's biodiversity.

The winery is a member of the "Comitato Grandi Cru d'Italia", an association that brings together all those wineries that, with care and dedication, enhance the value of their productions and cultivation areas.


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The perfect match

The "Spumante Metodo Classico" is the classic Piedmontese aperitif to be paired with appetizers and fresh cheese.

The dry smells of sage and herbs and is excellent with light first courses, while the "Passito" is ideal at the end of a meal with a savoury plate of cheese or desserts.


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10090 San Giorgio Canavese (TO)

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