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"Caseificio Rabbia Francesco" farm was founded in 1890 in Ruffia, in the heart of the Cuneo Valleys, and is well known for its artisanal production of raw milk cheese, handed down for generations.

The animals feed on the best summer pastures and rich winter fodder in the mountain pastures, giving infinite facets to their milk.

The milk does not undergo thermal treatment. It is cut in copper boilers, kneaded by hand and wrapped in linen cloth.

The cheeses run from fresh to aged, made with cow's milk, sheep's milk, goat's milk or mixed milk.

Furthermore, the ageing process is carried out sparingly and carefully by turning the cheese wheels, cleaning it, washing it with water and salt to ensure the rind and oiling it to prevent cracks.


  • Dairy Products

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The perfect match

"Nustral d'la Crota", made of raw cow's milk and aged for 6 months on wooden boards, has scents of grass and hay and is best paired with traditional "cognà" jam or fruit compotes.

"Gaia", a raw cow milk cheese with truffle, is excellent with a glass of "Nebbiolo" wine.


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Caseificio Rabbia Francesco
Via Beato Pietro, 2/B
12030 Ruffia (CN)

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