Women in business committee

The Women in Business Committee was established at the Torino Chamber of Commerce in 1999 when the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce signed an agreement with the Ministry of Production Activities.
The Committee is composed by 17 members in behalf of local business, professional and labour associations, banks and Chamber of commerce.

Commitee members

  • Cristina Tumiatti from Unione Industriale (Presidente)
  • Alessandra Brogliatto from Confcooperative Piemonte Nord (Vicepresidente)
  • Giada Bronzino in rappresentanza della Camera di commercio di Torino
  • Maria Grazia Buffo Blin from ABI, delegazione Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta e Liguria
  • Maria Myriam Catalano from APARC USARCI
  • Rosanna Chiesa in rappresentanza dell’Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti ed Esperti Contabili
  • Elisa D’Amore from Coldiretti
  • Patrizia Del Zotto from Confartigianato
  • Laura Echino from Federmanager - Gruppo Minerva
  • Gabriella Fantolino from Confagricoltura
  • Caterina Fioritti from Ascom
  • Cecilia Garetto from Federalberghi
  • Valentina Gusella from Legacoop Piemonte
  • Elena Imberti from C.N.A.
  • Maria Pia Valperga Milanesio from Aidda
  • Brigitta Sardo from Api
  • Lucia Vigna from FIAIP


The Committee’s mission is to support with concrete actions aspiring women entrepreneurs in their efforts to start, grow and manage successful businesses. In today’s global context, we need to encourage women to increase the spectrum of possible careers and to tackle sectors they are not involved, including sciences and new technologies.

The Committee has proactively introduced programs aimed at supporting women with the follow activities:

  • Annual training courses to provide information about setting up a business;
  • Organization of meetings and conferences with local institutions and secondary schools around particular topics;
  • Projects and activities aimed to abate digital gender gap
  • Annual monitoring of women local enterprises (link to annual trends);
  • Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions

Annual program of activities 2019

  • “Empowering lab” – spring 2019
  • “Leadership lab” – autumn 2019
  • “The assessment of skills and the value of one's time”, mentoring project
  • “New business at starting blocks”, training – spring and autumn 2019
  • “Informed company”, counselling activity – all the year long
  • "ABC of oneself" handbook and self-assessment kit for aspiring entrepreneurs (book) – autumn 2019
  • “Women leaders” (book) – autumn 2019
  • “Women in digital era” (book) – autumn 2019


Most of the books editing by the WBC are only in Italian, starting from this year every publication will be translated also in English. We are working to translate the most important texts.

Women in business committee
New Business department
Via San Francesco da Paola, 24
10123, – Torino -  Italy
Francesca Alquati Tel.: +39 011 571 6354
Laura Belforte Tel.: +39 011 571 6353



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