Caseificio di Roccaverano

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"Caseificio di Roccaverano" can boast a long tradition of cheese making that began in 2005, the year the company was founded.

Since then, thanks to various investments in both professional and technological fields, "Caseificio di Roccaverano" has continued to grow.

The secrets of this company are the pastures of the Langhe area, still abundant, which ensure high-quality milk and the refinement in cells saturated with natural white mould at controlled temperature and humidity.

"Robiola di Roccaverano" was the first DOP among Italian goat's cheeses to receive an European recognition in July 1996.

In addition to the classic "Robiola di Roccaverano", this dairy also offers "Ricotta", "Crescenza", "Cit", "Quadrà di Langa", "Reginella" and "Capriccio".


  • Dairy products

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The perfect match

"Robiola di Roccaverano" should be served at room temperature. So take it out from the fridge half an hour before serving it with grilled vegetables, honey, jams, walnuts, hazelnuts, breadsticks or black bread with sultanas.


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Caseificio di Roccaverano
Regione Tassito, 17
14050 Roccaverano (AT)

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