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Meet the producer

More than a hundred years ago, in Piemonte, "Cascina Belvedere" history began: it was 1878 when Eusebio Picco, already the son of rice farmers, and his wife Marianna moved to San Genuario.

Each batch of rice is traceable from sowing to packing, and the product is worked slowly, by hand, with a light husking which guarantees a better nutritional intake and a more intense flavour.

"Cascina Belvedere" rice is certified organic, and the rice fields are green-manured in winter, and no herbicides are used throughout the  whole production.

The traditional varieties are "Carnaroli", "Arborio", "Vialone Nano" and there are also organic and wholemeal lines.


  • Rice

When give their best

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The perfect match

Each recipe has its own perfect rice match: round rice cooks quickly and is ideal for cakes and timbales, medium or semi-fine rice is excellent for soups and supplì, a tasty Roman recipe, and finally, long or fine rice is the perfect ingredient for risotto recipes and cold salads.


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  • Biodynamic
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