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"Colle Manora" winery was established in 1981 after an accurate restoration of a XIX century farmhouse, a natural amphitheatre in the heart of the Monferrato hills, surrounded by vineyard rows set between the villages of Quargnento and Fubine.

Giorgio Schön (entrepreneur and passionate pilot) and Marina Orlandi Contucci are the owners who wanted to invest in the quality of wine as an example of "Made in Italy".

The winery has 22 hectares of vineyards with a total production of 120,000 bottles per year, mainly made of autochthonous grapes such as "Albarossa", "Barbera" and "Nebbiolo", as well as "Chardonnay", "Sauvignon" and "Merlot".

Prominent Italian and international wine guides awarded their wines.


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The perfect match

The savoury and fresh "Sauvignon - Mimosa" is perfect with a board of fresh Piedmontese cheese.

The dry and spicy "Albarossa - Ray" is excellent with cured meat and pasta dishes with sauce.

The "Barbera d'Asti Superiore - Manora" is round and full of character that perfectly shines when combined with a meat stew.


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Colle Manora
Strada Bozzola, 5
15044 Quargnento (AL)

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