• Jams

• Chocolate

• Pastry

Meet the producer

The story of "Giovetti" started in 1970 as a love story with food.

Important values such as quality and craftsmanship have distinguished this company from the beginning.

"Giovetti" has always followed high quality standards rigorously as it truly believes in quality and experience.

All the products, including "Panettone", are passionately handmade by the team.

Today, half a hundred people work hard with the common goal of keeping the techniques taught by grandparents to underline the importance of craftsmanship and to make traditional recipes immortal.

"Giovetti" is best known for its "torcetti" butter biscuits, presented in different flavours: classic, raisin wine and chocolate.

"Invasati" is their line of "Panettone" baked in a jar, sweet and salty, produced with high-quality raw materials and cooked in original reusable weck jars.


  • Jams
  • Chocolate
  • Pastry

When give their best

  • Breakfast
  • After lunch
  • Afternoon break
  • After dinner

The perfect match

"Giovetti" biscuits, cakes and pastries are perfect throughout the day, and the line of "Panettone" cakes in jars is an excellent gift idea for the festive season.


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