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"Cascina Fontanacervo" is a family-run farm, based in Villastellone, Torino. The farm takes care of the whole production process, from the fields to the breeding and milking of cows, all the way up to cheese-making.

Three words are enough to describe the company:

  1. local, as cows are fed with fodder grown in the farm;
  2. sustainable, since they use the slurry produced by the farm to fertilize the fields;
  3. qualitative, because this is the sixth consecutive year the farm is awarded the Slow Food Masters of Taste award.

Giovanni Crivello from "Cascina Fontanacervo" has been a farmer all his life, turning milk into cheese for about thirty years. He has always been intrigued by the fact that from a single raw material such as milk, so many different products can be created.

Many sustainable actions are taken on a daily basis such as: prioritising the sowing of local grass, cultivating them without any chemical fertilizer, feeding the cows with natural food only, maintaining a low-density herd with a lower average production per animal and banning chemical ingredients, in particular thickeners, flavourings and preservatives.


  • Dairy Products

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The perfect match

One of their most appreciated products is "Toma La Granda", prepared with high-quality pasteurized cow's milk, calf rennet, salt and milk enzymes. This cheese maturates for about 60 days and is characterized by the sweetness and elasticity of its paste. Extremely balanced and versatile, this cheese can be used from aperitif time to the end of the meal, working well when melted in stuffed potatoes, cheese fondue and lasagne, paired with a glass of light red wine.

By the bay, it can be also a surprising ingridient of a fresh summer salad: cut the cheese into cubes, mix it with some boiled "Carnaroli" rice, chopped vegetables and extra virgin olive oil.

"Toma Fontanacervo" was inspired by a photograph and some provocations published on Twitter. Born for fun, "Toma Fontanacervo" is made for all cheese lovers. Aged for from 4 to 6 months, this cheese has a strong character and a ivory-white paste, tending to pinstripe. Delicate, fragrant, with an intense and floral aroma, it can be served as an aperitif or as a meditation cheese with a glass of red wine. Melted in your dish or in a cheese sauce, it will give character to your preparations.


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