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Join the project to find new products for your portfolio and to benefit from the support of our team.

Join Savor Piemonte and find new products

Savor Piemonte is intended to be an "entry point" for those foreign B2B and B2C players who are actively looking for new products to enrich their catalogues.

The project offers the opportunity to reach out for best-in-class artisanal producers and suppliers of food and beverage items as follows:

Products list

  • Beer
  • Bread and baked products
  • Cereals and flours
  • Cheese and other dairy products
  • Coffee
  • Cocoa and other cocoa-based products
  • Distilled, fermented and fortified beverages (vol. > 15%)
  • Fish and seafood
  • Fruit
  • Honey
  • Jams, marmalades and fruit compotes
  • Mushrooms and truffles
  • Oil
  • Pasta
  • Pulses
  • Rice
  • Salami and other processed meat products
  • Salt, spices and arimatic herbs
  • Sauces
  • Sweets and other pastry products
  • Teas and herbs
  • Vegetables and vegetable preserves
  • Vinegar
  • Water and non alcoholic beverages
  • Wine

What we offer

By joining Savor Piemonte, you will benefit from a set of services that allows you to find exactly what you are looking for, through a customized 7-steps assistance program:

  1. Join
    To join the project is easy: just contact our team and provide us with some basic information about your company (see "How to apply").
  2. Share
    Once on board as project partner, you will have the chance to share with the team key information about the products you are looking for and the features they must have.
  3. Choose
    The team will provide you with a list of companies that match with your requirements, among which you could choose the preferred ones.
  4. Meet
    Soon after the shortlisting phase, you will be invited to meet with the producers you pointed out, through one-to-one meetings (either virtual or in person), company visits and guided tours that will provide you a full immersive experience in the Torino & Piemonte food culture (according to the regulation in force to contain the COVID-19 pandemic).
  5. Select
    After the meetings you will be called to select the producers you would like to work with. In this phase, the team will perform a number of activities aimed at having the selected producers fully responsive to your market requests. For example, we will support our companies in complying with your country food regulation and labelling issues or in developing a communication package aimed at reaching out for your customers (texts, photos, videos, etc.). By doing so, you will have the certainty of having the best quality products with the highest suppliers' performance level.
  6. Learn
    Once you choose the products you want place in your catalogue, the team will organize a specific training session with the producers to help you and your staff in getting all the infomation you need to market them at the best, including an insight of the products' main features (both technical and commercial), of the production process, of the suggested pairings, etc.
  7. Launch
    Now you are ready to launch the selected products in your market!

Furthermore, to join the project means to enter the Savor Piemonte Buyers Club, a network of worldwide importers that share the same interest for the best agrofood products available in our region and for the authentic Piedmontese oenogastronomic tradition.

As member of the Club, you will have the chance to attend to networking events (either virtual or in person) that will allow you to gather with valuable colleagues worldwide to exchange information, experiences, projects and much more.

Who can apply

Savor Piemonte aims at promoting Piemontese food excellences internationally, then the project is open to buyers coming from all over the world, then the program is open to buyers coming from all over the world.

Eligible partners are B2B and B2C players working in the food and beverage industry, either retail or foodservice, such as:

  • Importers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers (either on-line or off-line)
  • Gourmet specialists
  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Catering services

How to apply

To apply as project partner, you have just to mail us an expression of interest by providing us with your contact details and a short presentation of your company.

As soon as we receive your request, our team will contact you for a short interview to assess your needs and your expectaions.

Our team is fluent in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Danish and Czech.


Ponte Collaborative
Petaluma (CA) USA
Contact person: Danielle Caponi Bolla

Rest of the world

Torino Chamber of Commerce
Torino (TO) Italy
Contact person: Cristian Avanzi


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