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Meet the producer

"Apicoltura Vallera" beekeeping is an agricultural company founded on the hillsides of Monferrato in 2001.

It is exclusively dedicated to the breeding of bees and the production of organic honey and was set up by Davide with the intention of revamping his grandfather Emilio’s agricultural farm.

All the processes are artisanal and mainly done by hand to ensure a pure and gourmet product that respects the life cycle of insects.

The methods include using organic products to combat the Varroa destructor parasites (the main bee parasite) and the use of organic wax with no chemical residues.

The honey is not pasteurised and therefore maintains all of its organic, natural qualities.

"Apicoltura Vallera" produces different kinds of honey such as acacia, wildflower, lime tree, chestnut, dandelion and lavender.


  • Honey

When give their best

  • Breakfast
  • Aperitivo
  • Afternoon break

The perfect match

The wildflower honey is excellent for spreading on bread or sweetening yoghurt.

The lime tree honey is particularly suitable for use in herbal teas.

The chestnut honey is perfect when served with spicy and seasoned cheese.


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