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For Alice Cerutti, since 2008 head of the company "Cascina Oschiena," growing rice means being the guardian of the environment. She and her family support the idea that it is necessary to give back to the land, as healthy soil produces high-quality natural rice.

Many actions were taken in this direction by "Cascina Oschiena", located in Crova (Vercelli), like the modernization of interventions that were conducted in total respect of the existing structures. In 2012, photovoltaic panels were installed, increasing the company's eco-sustainability. Also in 2012, Alice chose to join the ECORICE project, so two fountains could be re-naturalized and over 2,000 plants could be planted. In 2019, the natural oasis of "Cascina Oschiena" was created, giving back to the environment 25 hectares that had previously been used for the production of rice.

Why? To allow the repopulation of the "Pittima Reale", a rare migratory bird whose last nesting site in Italy is "Cascina Oschiena". For this reason, this bird has become the logo of the company and its products.

Thanks to its commitment to sustainable farming systems and voluntary projects for the protection and reconstruction of natural areas, the "Tenimento's" land was recognized in 2018 by the Piemonte Region and the Province of Vercelli as a Wildlife Protection and Repopulation Reserve.


  • Rice
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"Carnaroli" rice is a variety with a tapered and pearly grain and is considered one of the best Italian rice varieties with excellent cooking properties in any preparation, making it ideal for fine risottos. In fact, it is able to blend and enhance the most diverse flavours and foods. Maintaining a perfect consistency, its grains remain perfect and well shelled. In keeping its soul and strength,it will not be overshadowed by seasoning. It is also perfect for rice salads and different preparations in high gastronomy.

Boil the "Carnaroli" rice until cooked "al dente", let it cool and mix with "Toma" cheese and seasonal vegetables cutted into cubes, season with vinegar and extra virgin oil to obtain a fresh summer dish.

"Arborio" rice is a historic variety from Vercelli, which takes its name from the town of Arborio. Characterized by very large and pearly grains, it has excellent cooking qualities and absorption capacity for condiments. During cooking the heat penetrates the external part, while the core tends to remain "al dente". This characteristic allows to bind soups and minestrone and to stir risottos that you want rich in sauce.

"Arborio" rice has large and pearly grains and an excellent absorption capacity for condiments. Prepare it by deglazing the Arborio rice with some drops of vinegar. Before it’s fully cooked, add a goat cheese like the "Robiola di capra" and some roughly chopped roasted "Piemonte PGI Hazelnuts" to obtain a creamy and mouth-watering dish.


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