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Abbo, a small Piedmontese company, has a rich history in olive oil production since 1893. They began their journey by venturing into Northern Italy, where there was a favorable market for their high-quality oil. Over the years, they have adapted and embraced technology, such as continuous methods with decanter and disk crushers.

Abbo has received numerous accolades including the Silver Lion of Verona and Best PDO awards.

They have also prioritized sustainability, with a modern facility that utilizes olive pits as fuel and a 20 kW photovoltaic roof for energy autonomy. Moreover, Abbo actively promotes ethical profit through their participation in the Economy of Communion.

Giovanni Abbo now leads the company as the president of the Corporation of Master Oil Producers.


  • Processed fruits
  • Oil

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The perfect match

Abbo's olive oil stands out for its robust flavor and aroma, making it suitable for everyday cooking and enhancing dishes ranging from salads to grilled seafood. Its distinct richness becomes apparent when drizzled on bread or used as a dip.

For those looking for something more specialized, Abbo introduces a unique taggiasche olive oil variant. This oil has a delicate flavor profile, making it ideal for finishing touches on dishes like roasted vegetables and grilled fish, where its nuanced taste can shine.

Beyond oils, Abbo offers products preserved in olive oil, including dried cod, tuna, and stuffed peppers. These flavorful offerings are excellent accompaniments to bread, salads, or starter platters.

Additionally, Abbo's range of sauces, crafted to meld with pasta, adds depth and zest to your favorite noodle dishes. In essence, Abbo's lineup ensures a versatile culinary experience, with options tailored for both everyday cooking and gourmet endeavors.


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