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"Buongustaio Piemonte" is an Italian food manufacturing company, founded in 1995. Located in Santena, near the town of Torino in Northern Italy, they specialize in the production of Piemontese gourmet food.

For over 20 years, founder Sergio De Domenico and his wife Paola (recently also their oldest son Alessandro) have been producing typical food specialities of the Piemonte region in glass jars.

They follow typical old recipes to be cooked with natural and safe ingredients and produce their products with great passion and mastery, carefully avoiding the use of preservatives or colourings and flavourings.

Since 2005, "Buongustaio Piemonte" is a proud holder of the "Eccellenza Artigiana" title, awarded by the Piemonte Region for its twenty-year experience in the culinary world.

All the raw materials used by the company are of certified Italian origin: all vegetables, meats, spices and oils are traceable and the production is in full compliance with the highest food safety standards.

Buongustaio Piemonte sells its products in the best gourmet shops in Italy and Europe. It also supplies delicatessen in restaurant size.


  • Sauces

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The perfect match

The recipe for their "Tonnella" sauce has been handed down to Paola by her great-grandmothers.The company replicates the original recipe by preparing it with tuna in oil, anchovy fillets, sifted boiled eggs, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

We all know "Tonella sauce" as the unrivalled sauce to make the Piedmontese "vitel tonné" (cold boiled veal slices covered with tuna sauce) but it is also ideal for a last-minute aperitif: roll out some puff pastry, spread the sauce, roll it up, cut it and bake it in the oven to make delicious salty swirls.


  • Eccellenza Artigiana


Buongustaio Piemonte
Via Quaglia, 23
10026 - Santena (TO)
Website: www.buongustaiopiemonte.com

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