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Caseificio Ceirano Villosio is a family-run business that has been producing high-quality cheeses in Scarnafigi, Italy since 1870.

They use traditional methods and carefully selected ingredients, emphasizing sustainability and respect for the land and animals. Their cheeses are made with natural and genuine ingredients, ensuring a unique and unmistakable aroma.

The land around Scarnafigi is ideal for producing high-quality forage, which results in particularly delicious cheese.

Caseificio Ceirano Villosio values their heritage and close ties with the local community. They use a short supply chain system that strengthens the relationship between the producer and the consumer.

Discover the unmatched quality of their cheeses, produced with over 150 years of expertise.


  • Dairy products

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The perfect match

Pair firmer cheese varieties with dried fruits like apricots or figs to harmonize fruity sweetness with savory notes.

For even more complexity, add honey or fruity jam. For soft, buttery cheeses, try pairing them with crusty bread or crispy crackers, and accent with aromatic herbs or tangy chutneys.

If you're looking for more specific pairing recommendations, you can visit the Caseificio Ceirano Villosio website and explore each product page to discover the exact pairings that complement each cheese best.


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Caseificio Ceirano Villosio
Via Principe Amedeo, 14
12030 Scarnafigi (CN)

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