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Meet the producer

"Beppino Occelli" is a family-run cheese company founded in 1976 and located in Piemonte, precisely in the Langhe area.

The cheese is matured in the village of Valcasotto, in the Maritime Alps, which divide Piemonte and Liguria.

Here, at an altitude of over 1,000 metres, in natural cellars, the cheese matures for many months or years on different wooden boards that help develop different scents and aromas for each cheese, caressed by the winds from the sea and cared for by the master maturers.

"Beppino Occelli" produces premium butter, made with sweet centrifugal cream from Italian milk, hand-formed and packed.

"Beppino Occelli" also has traditional cheese such as "Toma Piemontese", "Bianco di Langa" cheese aromatized with truffle, "Cusié" cheese with goat's and cow's milk and "Occelli" cheese with Barolo or with malted barley and whisky.


  • Dairy Products

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The perfect match

"Beppino Occelli" butter is excellent for all kinds of cakes, with pancakes or an apple and walnut strudel, while a classic cheesecake can be prepared with "Robiola" cheese.

"Bianco di Langa" cheese with truffle is excellent for creamy risotto or "gnocchi" recipes.


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Beppino Occelli Agrinatura

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