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• Rice

• Cereals and flours

Meet the producer

The "Crespi" farm was founded in 1821 and is based in Nibbia, in the heart of the Po river Valley, an area that has always had a vocation for growing quality rice.

"Crespiriso" has been producing and processing rice for 6 generations, from land to table.

Processing follows the traditional recipe: slowly milled paddy rice, stone whitened and finished at room temperature to keep the organoleptic qualities of the grain alive.

The main varieties sold are "Carnaroli", "Vialone Nano", "Baldo" (excellent for risottos), "Venere", red and whole rice.

The "Crespiriso" product line-up also includes ready-made risotto in bags, rice pasta and rice flour.


  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Cereals and flours

When give their best

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The perfect match

Risotto is a typical main course throughout the Po river Valley area and there are several options.

The most typical ones are: with "porcini" mushrooms, with pumpkin, with red "radicchio" salad, with truffles or with mixed vegetables and a generous amount of butter during the "mantecatura" phase.


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