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Meet the producer

The activity of "Salumificio Marchisio" began in 1958, intending to produce quality cold cuts following traditional country recipes.

Today, now in its fourth generation, the company has its headquarters and a new plant in Pianfei and has started a process of corporate renewal, particularly in terms of the production plant.

The idea is to rely on new technologies without losing sight of the products' quality and craftsmanship.

"Salumificio Marchisio" uses only Italian meats from a controlled supply chain, characterized by a natural flavour and the right balance between fat and lean parts.

The whole range is gluten-free and without milk and derivatives, safe and suitable for everyone's diet.

Moreover, a Marchisio maturing laboratory ("Stagionatura Marchisio") is located in the Lurisia village, at 700 meters above sea level, in a luxurious former hotel built about 100 years ago at the foot of Monte Pigna.

In this place, known throughout the world for its water sources and immersed in a pine forest, "Lurisia Mountain Raw Ham" was born in three different versions: traditional, with black truffle and with "Barolo" wine.

It is made from a selection of the best Italian pork legs, hand-massaged with a natural tanning of sea salt, mountain herbs and water, and aged at least 16 months in the laboratory's rocky cellars.


  • Cold cuts

When give their best

  • Aperitivo
  • Lunch
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  • Dinner

The perfect match

"Prosciutto Crudo di Parma DOC", sweet and a little salty, perfect with melon or inside a sandwich with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes.

"Prosciutto Cotto Marchisio", tasty and juicy, excellent in a sandwich with artichokes and mayonnaise.

"Prosciutto Crudo di Montagna" is a gastronomic gem of true excellence that should be enjoyed savouring its nuances to the fullest, followed by a sip of red wine such as "Nebbiolo delle Langhe" or "Barbera d'Alba".

Finally the real speciality: salami, to be eaten alone or at most with a breadstick!


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