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Meet the producer

"Mokabar" is a family-run craft business whose strength relies within the excellent quality of their products, constant control of raw materials and care for their customers.

During the coffee production process, "Mokabar" pays a lot of attention to the roasting phase: the various origins are roasted separately to guarantee homogeneity and avoid differences in the colour of the different beans.

The "Mokabar" product line-up offers blends made with calibrated percentages of "Robusta" and "Arabica", as well as single-origins such as "Santos", "Nicaragua" and "India Kaapi Royale".

"Mokabar" coffees are available in bags, pods, capsules and tins.


  • Coffee

When give their best

  • Breakfast
  • After lunch
  • Afternoon break
  • After dinner

The perfect match

The "Mokabar" blend has the inscription "Have a nice day" on the packet, indicating that without a good coffee, the day cannot start in the right way.

Here the perfect match is between you and your cup of coffee!


  • 2018 Gold Medal by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters


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