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Meet the producer

"Agricola Agorà" was founded in Ozzano Monferrato in 2018 to dedicate itself to the cultivation of olives.

The company operates on more than 4 hectares of land, with almost 1,500 trees.

In 2020, they pressed their first extra virgin olive oil with excellent organoleptic properties and began converting to organic farming without the use of weedkillers.

In 2021, they installed a small mill for cold pressing, which allows processing within 24 hours of harvesting to maintain the olives’ organoleptic properties.

The "Smeraldo" extra virgin olive oil, made from the "Leccino", "Pendolino", "Coratina" and "Frantoio" cultivars, has a bright green colour and is considered regenerating and rich in antioxidants thanks to its high polyphenol content and very low acidity.

The company grows also rice and hazelnuts, typical products of the land where the farm is based.


  • Nuts
  • Rice
  • Oil

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The perfect match

The extra virgin olive oil "Smeraldo" can be used in the kitchen to add flavour to the simplest dishes and enhance more neutral ingredients such as salads, mozzarella and grilled vegetables.

It is a real treat to enjoy it on a slice of bread with a pinch of salt on top: simple pleasure! 


Agricola Agorà
Via Monte Santo, 13
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