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A few meaningful words are enough to describe "Riso Goio 1929" rice: tradition, territory and family.

Theirs is a long history full of passion and commitment, starting in 1929, when grandfather Ernesto, a farmer of the Counts of Rovasenda, used his savings to rent agricultural land, converting moors and uncultivated pastures into rice-growing land. Soon, it became clear that the quality of the rice was high, and while it produced less per hectare, it had unique characteristics.

Their land in Baraggia Vercellese, known as "the last savannah of Italy", gently slopes from the foothills of Monte Rosa down to the first offshoots of the town of Vercelli.

Since 1929, generations have followed and now, Emanuele and his children have been the promoters and spokespeople of the territory protected by the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) since 2007.

Today, this is the first and only Italian DOP rice, ensuring authenticity of the cultivar, protection of the environment and a short supply chain.

The family cultivates the lands with respect for nature, without neglecting new cultivation techniques and the most advanced agronomic technologies, like rice sowing. Crop rotation of rice and soya, as nonno Ernesto used to do it, has also been reintroduced.

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The perfect match

"Sant’Andrea" rice stands out for its high capacity to excel in any type of dish: from the most refined risottos, to soups, desserts or simply boiled as a side dish. It is appreciated by chefs for its resistance to cooking and its natural creaminess.

"Sant'Andrea rice" is the DOP flagship in Italy and its grain embodies the history and terroir of Baraggia. The name of this cultivar derives from the historic Abbey of Vercelli, where it is used for the preparation of the typical local dish, the "panissa".

This is also one of the favourite recipes of the Goio family, prepared with "nonna Rita's method": simplifying the original recipe (with no lard or salami) while preserving quality and tradition.

The ingredients? Rice, tomato, beans and sausage. Give it a try!


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Riso Goio 1929
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