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Meet the producer

"Duodulcis" is a family business founded in 2019 by an uncle and nephew duo, who wanted to rediscover and pass on the flavours of the Canavese area.

A typical product of the rural gastronomic culture is the corn "canestrello" biscuit, which "Duodulcis" has reinterpreted in a modern way with their "Maisoli" brand.

In Italian, this name means "never alone" and, in fact, the best way to enjoy these biscuits is with friends!

The origin of this "canestrello" is really particular: in the past, families used to cook polenta on the fire, and there was always some left in the bottom of the pan that slowly dried out.

From that roasted and crunchy wafer of polenta comes the "Maisoli" biscuit in three different flavours: fennel, orange and hazelnut.


  • Pastry

When give their best

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The perfect match

Five o'clock tea Canavese style: get out your best set of mugs, boil some water and prepare a classic Earl Grey tea.

The "canestrello" will be the perfect companion for this regal set-up... It might even make the Queen envious!


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10086, Rivarolo Canavese (TO)

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