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Born from the great wines only Piemonte can offer, "Acetificio Varvello" has cultivated and refined the nobility of its vinegar since 1921, thanks to the passion, commitment and dedication of people, who have always known how to innovate over time.

Precious aromas of wood, fruit, flowers and various scents characterize the cellars of the "Acetificio Varvello" plant in La Loggia.

The vinegar is made only from Italian wines and, like all great wines, they are aged in Slavonian oak and American larch barrels: four months for white wine vinegars, and over a year (sometimes two years) for red wine vinegars. This is the secret of the excellence of "Acetificio Varvello" wine vinegar.

The company, run by Davide Varvello together with his brothers and sister, has produced a wide variety of vinegar and condiments for four generations.

"Acetificio Varvello" is increasingly becoming digital, aiming at a fully automated industrial production, a choice that will allow Varvello factory to directly interact with the producers, and to closely follow the entire production process from the fruit to the table.

The company is also environmentally friendly: more than 60% of the energy required for the production comes from solar panels, while glass and recycled plastic are used for packaging.


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"Acetificio Varvello" products are appreciated by Massimo Bottura, the Michelin-starred chef from Modena, and inevitably found in the kitchens of the best international restaurants.

Try their vinegars while preparing a surprising risotto. Start by deglazing "Arborio" rice with a hint of "Barolo DOCG". As the rice has finished cooking, add some "Robiola di capra" cheese and some roughly chopped roasted "Piemonte PGI hazelnuts" to get a dish worthy of a Michelin star.

"Acetificio Varvello" vinegars are also the perfect touch to prepare excellent salads: cut some "Toma" cheese into cubes, celery into slices, roughly chop roasted "Piemonte PGI hazelnuts", mix everything with extra virgin olive oil and this elegant vinegar to get a fresh and delicious "Insalata langarola" salad.


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Acetificio Varvello
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