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Riso Buono, located in Casalbeltrame, Italy, is a local producer of high-quality rice with a rich tradition dating back to the 17th century. Rooted in tradition and passed down through generations, their commitment to sustainability and quality is evident in their significant improvements to irrigation and cultivation methods.

What sets them apart is the outstanding flavor and nutritional value of their rice. The highly regarded Carnaroli Gran Riserva and Artemide varieties are perfect for risottos and rice salads, elevating any dish.

The success of Riso Buono is attributed to their long-standing tradition, dedication to the environment, and meeting the demands of discerning customers. With a commitment to excellence, their rice is a testament to their passion for satisfying customers' tastes.


  • Rice
  • Cereals and flours

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The perfect match

Artemide Gran Riserva is a fragrant black whole-grain rice obtained from crossbreeding Venere rice and Indica rice. Its elongated grains and intense aroma make it a perfect match for cheese, fish, vegetables, and mushrooms.

Carnaroli Gran Riserva undergoes a year of aging, known as "Agin," to enhance its quality. The result is a rice that maintains its volume and texture while cooking, making it ideal for risotto, paella, and arancini. Its ability to hold its shape and firmness during cooking makes it the ideal choice for classic recipes that require a creamier texture.

In addition, Riso Buono's Farina di Riso Artemide is made from slowly ground whole Artemide rice and is a gluten-free rice flour packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It offers a nutritious option for baking. Riso Buono's rice varieties provide versatility and excellence that satisfy even the most discerning palates.


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Riso Buono
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