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Meet the producer

An artisan chocolate shop founded in 2010 by Davide Appendino, originally from Torino and raised in a family of confectioners with a huge passion for local ingredients.

It was in his family's workshop that Davide began his adventure as a master chocolatier, intending to follow the entire process, from the selection of the beans to the finished chocolate bar: the so-called "bean to bar" approach.

"Davide Appendino" specialities are the single-origin chocolate bars, made with stone-worked cocoa beans and using only raw cane sugar, available in 75% dark and milk versions.

The product range also includes classic Piedmontese specialities such as "giandujotti", "cremini", pralines, truffles, covered fruits and ready-to-eat beans.


  • Chocolate

When give their best

  • After lunch
  • Afternoon break
  • After dinner

The perfect match

All of "Davide Appendino" mignon chocolates represent a delicious and regenerating break and should be enjoyed by themselves, preferably slowly.

The bars can be eaten as they are or used as an ingredient in homemade desserts.


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Davide Appendino
Via Cavour, 13
10123 Torino (TO)

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