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Meet the producer

30 Tuorli is an artisanal pasta company located in Garzigliana, Italy. With over 25 years of experience, they are passionate about crafting delicious pasta, which is evident in every bite.

They use 100% Italian flour, fresh ingredients from local farms, and free-range eggs to create authentic and flavorful pasta. Their production is fueled by renewable energy, and their packaging is eco-friendly.

From classic Piemontese varieties to innovative gourmet fillings, 30 Tuorli offers a diverse range of pasta options. With their dedication to quality and tradition, they bring the taste of Italy to your table.


  • Pasta

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The perfect match

Pair the pasta with a sauce that complements its flavor. You can choose from classic sauces such as tomato-based sauces, meat ragù, herb butter, creamy cheese, or pesto, depending on the pasta shape and personal taste. Enjoy it with family and friends in a cozy atmosphere. Good food is best enjoyed with good company.


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30 Tuorli
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