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Meet the producer

Introducing "", the visionary producer behind "Nèir", the first fermented rice in a 100% Italian “sake” style, elegant, intense, with fruity notes.

With their pioneering spirit and commitment to innovation, "" has created a groundbreaking product that showcases the rich cultural exchange between Japan and Italy.

"Nèir" is a testament to's dedication to pushing boundaries and defying expectations. By combining Vercelli's brown rice and the art of Torinese mixology, has crafted a one-of-a-kind beverage that captivates the senses.


  • Liquors and spirits

When give their best

  • Aperitivo
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

The perfect match

"Nèir" provides an exquisite pairing experience. For seafood enthusiasts, seared scallops are a top choice, as the sake amplifies their sweet essence and contrasts their rich taste.

Grilled vegetables, especially when touched with a balsamic reduction, find a harmonious counterpart in "Nèir" flavors.

Moreover, the umami nuances of miso-glazed lamb chops are elevated by "Nèir" gentle sweetness.

If mixology piques your interest, consider a twisted Negroni, where the traditional gin is replaced by "Nèir", offering a novel take on this classic.

Alternatively, a citrus-infused Martini combined with "Nèir" delivers a zestful and invigorating cocktail.


Via Vittorio Asinari di Bernezzo, 79
10146 Torino (TO)

28/11/2023 - 10:53

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