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Meet the producer

Pino Puglisi founded "Macelleria Pino" in Torino in 1982 at its current location in Via Cibrario 53.

Stimulated by the constant search for excellence, he studied the cattle feeding and became a reference point for the "Vicciola", a Piedmontese cattle breed reared on hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts are the fundamental element of their diet and feed, while supplements generally used to accelerate growth processes are categorically eliminated.

Today, "Macelleria Pino" is the only butchery to deal with "Vicciola" red meat with a very high concentration of nutritional properties and a very low level of cholesterol.


  • Cold cuts
  • Fresh meat


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The perfect match

A raw material loved by many Michelin-starred chefs in Italy and abroad, "Vicciola" red meat worth being tasted in its purest form to savour its unique flavour.

It is excellent in tartare or served with a light tuna sauce, but gives its best if cooked it at a low temperature and served with delicate hazelnut sauce and crumbled hazelnuts on top (obviously!).


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Macelleria Pino
Via Luigi Cibrario, 53
10143 Torino (TO)

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