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Meet the producer

"Renato Bianco" winery was founded in the middle of the XVIII century as a small property outside the walls that surrounded the ancient town of Caluso, located in the Canavese area.

From the beginning, the winery has produced typical local wines.

"Renato Bianco" has decided to exclusively cultivate the "Erbaluce" grape, which is the only white vine in the Canavese area.

It is very robust and suitable for the pebbly and sandy soils resulting from ancient glacier movements in the area.

Therefore, "Renato Bianco" line of wines is a tribute to "Erbaluce", which he offers in 3 different variants: a "Spumante Metodo Classico", a still white wine and two "Passito", which are made by drying selected "Erbaluce" grapes.


  • Wine

When give their best

  • Aperitivo
  • Lunch
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The perfect match

The sparkling white is ideal as an aperitif with smoked salmon, oysters and raw seafood.

The dry white is perfect with lean starters, soups and broths, egg and fish dishes, herb omelettes and risotto in general.

The "Passito" is the right match for dry pastries.


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Renato Bianco
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