La Cucina delle Langhe

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The pasta factory "La Cucina delle Langhe" was born in 1984 in Dogliani, in the heart of the Langhe area, respecting the most careful peasant tradition.

Initially, it was a small shop, today it is a company managed by the family's third generation, which has increased production while keeping the spirit and passion of old times, respecting the classic recipes of grandmothers.

There are more than 40 typical products in "La Cucina delle Langhe" range, spanning from "ravioli del plin" (with the typical "pizzicotto" that makes them unique in shape), to "gnocchi" with a taste that only local potatoes can give, but also "agnolotti", "tortellini" and "panzerotti".

Raw materials include selected eggs from free-range hens, strictly Italian flour, fillings with 100% Piedmontese meat, DOP cheese such as "Roccaverano", "Raschera" and "Gorgonzola" and quality vegetables from the area.


  • Pasta

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The perfect match

Try "ravioli" stuffed with leeks and potatoes with a bit of butter and parmesan cheese or "ravioli del plin" filled with braised veal and truffles in a meat sauce and a glass of "Barolo" wine or spinach "tajarin" with a vegetable sauce.


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  • Slow Food
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La Cucina delle Langhe
Via Torino, 309
12063 Dogliani (CN)

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