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Meet the producer

"Pasta d'Alba" is an artisan and organic certified pasta factory that was born in the heart of the Langhe area from the intuition of Dario and his wife Rosangela, a naturopath.

The goodness of their pasta derives essentially from the selection of the raw materials: only certified organic and biodynamic stone-ground fresh flours are used.

Most of the cereals used to make these flours come from the Langhe area and preference is given to ancient grains such as "Senatore Cappelli" durum wheat, which contains less gluten that makes them lighter and easier to digest.

Another "Pasta d'Alba" point of strength is the variety of choices: from coloured and flavoured pasta to traditional "tajarin" with fresh eggs, to gluten-free products and legume pasta.


  • Pasta

When give their best

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The perfect match

"Tajarin" is the Piedmontese pasta par excellence to eat with truffle flakes or meat sauce, while chestnut "tagliatelle" are excellent with "porcini" mushrooms or pumpkin sauce.

The gluten-free "Tricolor Corn Penne" pasta works perfectly with tomato sauce.


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Pasta d'Alba
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